Brady Brown Power Recliner
  • Brady Brown Power Recliner

Brady Brown Power Recliner

  • - Product Code: 230-24900-1064-00
  • - Dimensions (in - H x W x D):
    48 x 45 x 43
  • - Availability: In Stock


Made for the big and tall person, this recliner boasts plush, padded

seating for comfort while you take some time to get off your feet.

The power reclining mechanism allows you to move the foot rest to

your desired position with just the simple press of a button. An

additional three inches of reclining extension is intended to make sure

your legs get the support they need. This reclining chair takes no

shortcuts when it comes to quality. A metal seat box with drop-in coil

seat steps away from a traditional wood seat box to provide extra

durability and stability. Additional quality measures such as steel

angle braces, which connect the seat box to the arm, secure the

arms in place and ensure the constant pressure from getting in and

out of the chair does not wear the arms out. An additional back rail

provides even more stability to the back of the chair to ensure it lasts

for a long time.

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