Trouper 5pc. Sectional
  • Trouper 5pc. Sectional

Trouper 5pc. Sectional

  • - Product Code: 240-22200-9006-00
  • - Dimensions (in - H x W x D):
    42 x 119 x 100
  • - Availability: In Stock


Your house is already the neighborhood's most popular

hangout spot, but you can take it to the next level with

recliners for your whole crew. This reclining sectional

offers four seats and a middle console with storage and

cupholders. Two of the seats recline in addition to the

tilt-back chaise lounge. You can trick out your home

theater with the latest gear thanks to built-in USB

charging ports. Having easy-access power in your

storage console makes it easy to power up your phone

and stream media on your tablet at any time.

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