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Adjustable bed frames maximize your sleep experience

Adjustable bed frames maximize your sleep experience

Monday, Dec 30, 2019

Adjustable bed frames are one of the more recent innovations in sleep systems.  They are becoming more popular as consumers come to realize the benefits they provide.

First and foremost they are an aid to obtaining a better night’s sleep.  With an adjustable frame, you can adjust the sleep position precisely to  maximize your comfort.  This helps people with breathing or circulation issues as well as minimizing discomfort from injuries or other physical issues.  If you like to watch TV, read or use a laptop in bed adjustable frames are ideal.  Just raise the head to the most advantageous position.  


Different types of adjustable frames with different features are available.  Some allow raising the head only, or head and feet.  Others offer more variable positioning throughout the bed.  All operate with remote control so you can easily change the settings.  Premium models have sensors that monitor your sleep patterns.  Just download an app to get the data and learn how to adjust your sleep positions to get the most restful sleep.


Almost all mattresses can be placed on an adjustable frame.  Only continuous coil systems and some very firm mattresses are not compatible.


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