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Create a Perfectly Balanced Accent Wall

Create a Perfectly Balanced Accent Wall

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


One of the easiest ways to create an accent wall is to simply paint that wall a different color than the rest. But you don’t want to choose just any color: it should coordinate with the other colors in the room and it should be a darker shade than the other walls. For instance, you don’t want to use a light blue accent wall when your other walls are a dark beige color and your furniture is a mix of greens and browns. However, a rich mocha shade would be a great accent color for that room! You can also incorporate your accent color with pillows, accessories, or accent furniture.


Stencils or wallpaper are another great way to create an accent wall, especially if the wall is not too big! Although this method is more labor intensive, the outcome will be worth it! You want to use the same rules for choosing colors as above so the accent wall will draw in the eyes as the focal point of the room. You will also want to consider how big or small you want the pattern to be. If you have curtains on the same wall and they are solid or have a small pattern, a larger pattern on the wall will balance it. However, if you have furniture, rugs, or curtains that feature larger patterns then you might consider wallpaper or stencils that have a smaller pattern. You want the accent wall to compliment your room, not try to dominate it.


Shiplap, reclaimed wood, or other wood fixtures can also be used to create an accent wall with a timeless appeal! Many designers use shiplap in farmhouse style homes to create a modern barnyard feel. Crisp, white paint will make the shiplap feel modern and fresh, and using shiplap on only a portion of the wall will help the wonderful texture stand out even more! Reclaimed wood is very popular right now, and keeping the wood in its current state will give your home a rustic feel. However, reclaimed wood is very versatile and can be paired with many different styles, including industrial, country, and even modern.

Accent walls are great for enhancing the style of your home, and it can often be done in just one weekend! You can also check out our accent furniture and accent chairs to give your home a simple update or refresh! No matter how big your project, big or small, Star Furniture has everything you need to create the look of your dreams!

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