Protection Plan Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Star Furnitures Product Guarantee?
A: We guarantee that our products will be free from factory defects for one year from date of delivery or pickup. This includes all new merchandise. Merchandise      sold As-Is, Clearance, or Closeout are excluded from this guarantee.

Q: What happens if I think something I bought from Star Furniture is defective?
A: You must report any factory defects to our Customer Care team within one (1) year of possession, and a Customer Care representative will schedule a
    Service Technician to inspect the item and repair it to factory standards at no cost to you.

Q: What happens if the Technician determines that the merchandise can’t be repaired?
A: If the Service Technician determines that the factory defect is not repairable, (and it is still covered by Star Furniture’s 1 Year Guarantee Against Factory
     Defects) we will replace the product one time. If the item is no longer available, we will issue store credit for the purchase price.

Q: Is my furniture still guaranteed against factory defects if I move?
A: Star Furniture will guarantee your product will be free of factory defects for 1 year from the date you receive it, even if the merchandise is moved, provided
    you are in an area that Star services, and you are still the owner of the product.

Q: Do I receive a product guarantee on merchandise purchased from
A: All furniture purchased through is covered by Star's 1 Year Guarantee Against Factory Defects.

Q: Does some merchandise come with extended warranties?
A: Our merchandise carries a minimum 1 year Product Guarantee against factory defects. Additionally, protection plans can be added to your order to cover up to an additional 10 years.

Q: What is the Gbs Protection Plan?
A: You have the option of extending our Star Furniture 1 year factory defect guarantee to five years with the purchase of a GBS plan. The GBS plan not only extends our Star Furniture factory defect warranty, but it also protects you from a variety of accidental damages.

Q: What does the GBS Protection Plan cover?
A: The GBS Protection Plan covers a multitude of accidental damages including: stains, dye transfer, heat marks or burns, punctures, rips, fading from the Sun, motor failures, water marks, and glass breakage to name a few. Brochures covering the GBS plan are available in our stores.

Q: How should I file a claim against my GBS Plan if my merchandise was damaged due to an accident?
A: Call GBS Enterprises at 1-888-585-9488 or go online to to report accidental stains or damages to your merchandise.

Q: What happens if the Technician determines that the merchandise under my GBS Plan claim can’t be repaired?
A: If the Service Technician determines that the merchandise has a factory defect that is not repairable, we will replace the product one time. If that item is no longer available Star Furniture will give you store credit in the amount of the purchase price.