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Design Trends to Watch in 2017

Design Trends to Watch in 2017

Sunday, Dec 11, 2016

We may not be able to predict the future, but we’ve spotted a few home design trends that we believe are going to be big in the upcoming year! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for the New Year!


This year designers are taking their inspiration from mother nature and using rich greens and beautiful jewel tones to brighten our homes! Green accents big or small (think accent walls all the way down to throw pillows) can give any room an new feel. It’s the perfect choice for your living room or bedroom! You can also make your home feel instantly glamorous with sapphire blues, ruby reds, amethyst purples, and emerald greens. These tones can be paired with layers of beige or gray for a timeless appeal.


Soft, cozy textures that make your home feel inviting are replacing metallic accents and shiny lacquers. Natural wood finishes will bring balance to your kitchen and dining rooms, and upholstered furniture in different patterns and textures are continuing to be popular. Upholstery also muffles sound, making it a good choice for large open areas that have reverberating acoustics. Faux fur is also popular in home design this year, and you can follow this trend easily with a fuzzy throw pillow or blanket thrown over the sofa!

Trends are fun to follow and indulge in every once in a while, but the designers at Infinger think it’s also important that you find your own style and invest in pieces that you will enjoy for years to come! Check out what’s on sale now to choose the trends and investment pieces that are perfect for your unique styles!

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